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Easy TOEFL Grammar

 Easy TOEFL Grammar


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Very many people from countries where English is not spoken would like to go to USA universities for a Master or a Ph.D, but in order to get admitted in USA universities these students are required to take the TOEFL exam.

Along more than three decades, Easy TOEFL Grammar has demonstrated to be a very useful tool to overcome the grammar questions in the TOEFL.

Students who desire a teaching assistantship require very high grades in the TOEFL, and Easy TOEFL Grammar helps to achieve this objective.

Easy TOEFL Grammar is an EduVirtualLab resulting from the experience of an international team of English-language instructors in several countries, who are dedicated to the preparation of students wanting to go to universities in English speaking countries and who are required to take an English proficiency test (TOEFL, Aligu, Michigan, etc) in order to be admitted and even to be awarded a teaching assistantship in those institutions.

Easy TOEFL Grammar is an EduVirtualLab aimed to self-evaluation and self-preparation for English language proficiency tests, like TOEFL, Aligu, Michigan, Cambridge FCE, etc.

Easy TOEFL Grammar is a tool oriented to the mastering of the English grammar, helps the user to correct his/her weakness in this area, it is for this reason that this EduVirtualLab might also be used for those who simply would like to achieve a respectable English.

Easy TOEFL Grammar is not for beginners, it is assumed that the user already knows the English grammar and only needs to practice with as many as possible selected sentences which contain empty spaces to refill with words from an Options table.

Easy TOEFL Grammar includes several modules containing selected sentences which have been adapted along the years from English language proficiency tests.

Currently Easy TOEFL Grammar contains more than 2600 sentences to practice with.


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EconoModeler :   Analytic Geometry for Economics Applications

Analytic Geometry for Economists and for Economic Analysis

Economic Models - Mathematical Economics


This is an Analytic Geometry EduVirtualLab for Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning with applications to Economics.

EconoModeler is also used in professional applications.   

As it can be seen with EconoModeler just by clicking and dragging the mouse the user can very easily and very quickly design Points, Lines, Circles, Ellipses, Parabolas, Hyperbolas and Circular Arcs. As the user makes the curves on the black-color region, the corresponding coordinates, equations and pertinent data are shown on the left side text column.    

At any moment the position of the origin of coordinates can be placed wherever the user needs it to be (ideal for those applications where only the first quadrant is used). The names of the X and Y axes can be changed at will. The black-color region can be printed (on a black background so that color ink is saved). The left side column with results may also  be printed alone. EconoModeler exists in English and in Castellano.

EconoModeler calculates and reports the following intersections:  line-line, line-circle, line-parabola, line-elipse, line-Hyperbola, parabola-parabola. 

The user's imagination is the limit.

Prices (USA dollars)  >>> Personal use:  25.00 ...... institutional use:  100.00

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