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Physics 1.- Mechanics:   Free Fall 

Javier Montenegro Joo


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  Free Fall  
  (1) An 85 gr stone falls freely in a place where the acceleration of gravity is 15 m/sē, traveling a distance of 217.50 m during the final second of its fall.    Determine: (a) The height the stone falls from. (b) The total falling time


Since the stone is not shot but it simply falls, its initial velocity is zero. The acceleration of the falling stone is that of the gravity, g.

Let the total falling time be t.  Then the total falling time minus 1 sec will be t-1.

  (2) An alien ball falls freely from a static UFO in the air and touches Earth 6 s later. Determine: (a) The height of the UFO when the ball falls down. (b) The landing speed of the ball (c) The height reached by the alien ball at bounce, if it is known that its bouncing speed is 75% of its landing speed.



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