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The VirtualDynamics Intelligencer (VDI) is an international e-journal publishing articles on research and development in science and engineering; however it is not strictly limited to these areas. 

VDI  is open access and peer-reviewed, publishing biannually.

Type of articles published by the VDI:    research, survey, review, dissemination and essays.

Disciplines published by the VDI:   Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering, Economy and Arts.

Publishing languages:  English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Editorial Committee.-

Avellaneda Oropesa, Cesar Material  Physics Universidad Federal de Pelotas
Santoro, Pedro Ricardo Stat. Phys., Economy Univ. Federal do Rio Grande, Brasil
Monrroy Cardenas, Oscar Theoretical Physics. Physics, UNMSM, Perú  
Sisniegas Charcape, Galo Solid State Physics,  
Ospino Edery, Ysaac Economy UNMSM, Peru
Choy Pun Augusto Mechanical Engineering UESAN, Lima, Perú
Gonzales Guerrero, Ivan Economy Universidad de Lima
Weiss Izaguirre, Percy Economy, Eng. Independent consultant  

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Instructions to Authors.-

Immediate publication:  Even though  the  VDI  publishes two issues a year, once a submitted paper is reviewed, corrected and  accepted for publication, it will be classified as appearing in the current volume and issue 1 or 2 depending on the acceptance date and, it will be immediately published.

How to summit a paper:

Submitted articles must be written in MS Word on a single column with normal margins (top and bottom margins have 3.0 cm each,  left and right margins have 2.5 cm each). Text in paragraphs must line spaced as simple. The font used in the body of the article must be Arial 10. Titles must have larger fonts.

Articles should include an Abstract with a maximum of 300 words. Articles should also include a Conclusion section, which should not be a paraphrase of the abstract and also cannot be too long because it is supposed to be a summary of the material presented in the body of the article.  Images can be in black and white or in color and must include a caption describing the image.   Articles must include after the Conclusion a numbered References section connected with references between brackets [nn], in the body of the article. References at the end of the article must appear in the same order they are referenced in the body of the article:  [nn] Author’s last name, Author’s first initial. Author’s middle initial. (Year, Month Date published). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), page number(s)

Equations must be written using the MS Word equations editor. The VDI  publishes articles in either English, Spanish or Portuguese.

A short biography of the author(s) must be included at the end of the article.

Papers are  submitted via email to

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VirtualDynamics Intelligencer ... Vol 1(1), 2022   (Jan-Jun 2022)

<> Mathematics / Matemáticas

      01. Hiperajuste (HP) o Ajuste de Regresión Líneal Ideal.          Sisniegas Charcape Galo Emilio.

<> Mathematical Art  / Arte Matematico

     02. The Breathtaking Algorithmic Art.           Montenegro Joo, J.

     03. El Asombroso Arte Algoritmico.           Montenegro Joo, J

<> Physics / Física

    04. Chaos Virtual Lab: Experimental Findings in the Nonlinear Damped and Forced Oscillator      Montenegro Joo, J.

<> Edu Virtual Labs

    05. EduVirtualLab de Decremento Logarítmico. Identificación de Parámetros de Oscilación        Montenegro Joo, J.

   06. EduVirtualLab Implementing the Logarithmic Decrement to Identify Parameters of an Oscillation.    Montenegro Joo, J.

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VirtualDynamics Intelligencer ... Vol 1(2), 2022   (Jul-Dec 2022)

<> Economy / Economía

              01. Sector Financiero y Recuperación Económica en el Perú. Una Mirada Global            Gonzales Guerrero I. - Torres Trujillo R.

              02. Financial Sector and Economic Recovery in Perú.  Global View                   Gonzales Guerrero I. - Torres Trujillo R.

<>  Computational & Simulational Physics

             03. Lab Virtual para Simulación Monte Carlo de Percolación                          Javier Montenegro Joo

<> Theoretical Physics / Física Teórica

             04.  Crítica al Modelo del Campo Cuántico               Monroy-Merma-Bolarte

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VDI Headquarters

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